Wood chipper in operation while clearing property and trees

Property Clearing

There are many ways to clear land – mulchers, bulldozers, excavators, chainsaws, masticating, and burning vegetation. There are advantages to each style of land clearing, but all come with their own set of unique challenges. The most popular land clearing techniques include:

Dozer and masticator at work clearing trees and debris from forested land

Grubbing and Dozing

When using this style of land clearing, you can cover a lot of land at a fast pace. This quick pace, however, leaves behind large holes, which creates a rough, messy finish. This finish may be an acceptable finished product on some occasions. However, if you plan to use the land for pasturing animals or haying, you will likely need to come back and bring dirt in to fill the holes left behind.

Consequently, the speed in which you cleared is quickly negated, with the second pass needed to accomplish the finish. In the end, you will have a massive pile of material that will either need to be hauled away or burned.

Tree removal

Using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices, we’ll safely remove trees on you property. We have experience working with a number of utility and development companies as well as residential customers on both homes and undeveloped land.

If you want to reduce fuels, create a firebreak, remove hazardous trees, or trim trees , please call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Tree clearing to make space for roadway on property
Mulcher in action


With masticating, you are removing trees and underbrush, as well as putting the organic matter back on the ground. By putting the mulch back where you have removed the vegetation, you provide a natural barrier that will assist in preventing the regrowth of invasive species and promotes the growth of the natural vegetation. When using a masticator as a form of land clearing, you reduce the need to come back and fix up the land.

When considering the options for clearing land, you are going to want to take into account that you will need to maintain this in the future. No land management option will give you the “one and done” solution to maintain your land. Consistent and timely management is imperative to the remediation of the vegetation that is unwanted.

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